Brazalian Waxing and Beauty Treatments

When A-list celebrities want to look their best they go to Arezoo Kaviani.

Named by beauty editors as one of the country's leading therapists Arezoo has now opened the doors of her Knightsbridge salon to the public so they too can get a taste of the celebrity lifestyle.

Although best known for her radiant facial and virtually painless brazilian waxing techniques, Arezoo was one of the first to bring Brazilian waxing to British shores and has used the increasingly popular threading technique for over 15 years.


Hardly a day, week or month goes by where Arezoo doesn’t contribute in some way to the leading fashion, beauty and lifestyle press all over the world.


If like every A-lister you are short on time then please feel free to book your appointment via this website by clicking here – please note that you will only be able to book two days in advance.


Whether it’s one end of your body or the other (or somewhere in between!) that needs attention Arezoo’s extensive range of beauty treatments can take care of it. Click here to see the full menu available at her Knightsbridge beauty salon.

Arezoo Kaviani

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